Help - SPWM IC 555 Inverter Circuit

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Hello everyone,

I have to make the following circuit as a project:

I already made the simulation in Multisim, but I'm not getting the output indicated in the circuit. I checked the voltage before the diodes and the trans, and I'm only getting 1 V.
I need help, because I don't know what to do, or what to change.
PD. There was an advice down in the circuit that said that you have to send a 100 Hz frequency signal from the second. In order to do that, I changed the values of the resistors and capacitor.



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Now in this form the scheme is bad. In real life, some elements will emit smoke, or even explode (output transistors or 10A diodes). This is due to the fact that the fast 10A diodes are not correctly connected. This is the actual short circuit. In your modeling, can you determine the average power of diodes and transistors?