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Hi all
Nuclear physicists ( student) need help
I have a detector from ludlum company
(Ludlum model 2200) im using it to detect neutron particals. Im using snm-17 tube connected to my ludlum 2200 the working voltage is 1600 v dc . The issue is that there is too much noise coming from the russian detector. I need to separate the signal from the noise. schmitt trigger circuit for example will be nice.
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I need to separate the signal from the noise.
Can you describe both the signal and the noise? I mean voltage, time properties. How different are they? If you saw an oscilloscope trace of the entire output, could you visually pick the signal out of the noise?


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Instead of a Schmitt I would recommend a fast analog comparator such as LM311. What is the shape and height of the signal?
Assuming it is not a He3 detector, what is the SNM detector type?