Help identifying transistor - 2f P

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Does anyone recognize this transistor (Q29 below), or know which pins are which (gate, source, drain)? Is it even a transistor? It's from an APC 1500 XS UPS, I'm searching for a schematic but so far no luck.

I made the rookie mistake of accidentally touching a nearby voltage regulator output and ground pins at the same time with my multi meter probe (small parts, shaky hands) and everything immediately turned off. I think I killed the regulator and a few things around it, including this part, so I'm trying to figure out what it is so I can at least test it. The two left pins are showing +24V dc, which is battery voltage on the UPS, the pin on the right side by itself is showing +4V dc. But that right side pin is connected to the near by voltage regulator input pin so I'm wondering if that's supposed to be more than 4V, if everything was working. Back to the schematic hunt!