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First I replaced the brake switch on my kia Rio 2007, the multimeter confirmed it had a short. Then I replaced my alternator, which is a big pain in that car because you have to take it out from underneath the car and it's difficult to hold it up and get it screwed in. Then my battery wouldn't hold a charge. If I turn off the ac and put it on heat before I turn off car, it does hold charge. I assumed that meant their was a bad switch in the Air conditioning network. So I pop off the center console and start disconnecting (battery unplugged of course). I cant find anything to help me identify these wires. Can anyone identify this one for me please?
Their was a black female and a green female coming out of the same housing piece too, and they lead to cigarette lighter(doesn't work) and their is a green capped bulb hidden under dash too connected to this junction. Could the bulb be for regulation? If I dont get a new bulb must I use different value of connections also, to even out the power distribution?