help finding Thevenin resistance w/ dependent source

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Hi guys,

How do I find the Thevenin resistance of this circuit?

Watching some videos on YouTube I think the approach is to find Isc and then Voc (Voc being across the Zl load). Then Rth = Voc / Isc. But when I short the Voc terminal with an Isc current, convert the independent current source into an open-circuit and the indepedent 6V source into a short-circuit, Isc ends up being 0.

Help would be appreciated


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Remember that your Voc determination is with the load REMOVED.

Why are you turning off the independent sources when you try to find Isc? Of course Isc is going to be zero if you do that because there is nothing left to produce any current!

Replace the load with a short circuit and then analyze the resulting circuit -- AS IS -- and determine the current flowing through that short. That is Isc.