help design a solar inverter without battery


Joined Jul 4, 2021
At my camp, I have a LG clothes washer which runs off solar panels and no battery. I have a couple grid tie panels in series that make about 125VDC. An old MSW inverter is modified to feed this HVDC into the H bridge section just across the electrolytics right from the panels. The control system still has to be fed 12V which comes from a small switching power supply. These work just fine on DC. That power, about 50ma, goes to the off side of the power switch which remains off. With oversize panels it works fine except when a really big cloud passes over. The machine remembers where it left off anyway. Just something interesting that might have other uses. The inverter easily works from 20V up on H bridge. Leaves open a lot of interesting opportunities for solar power from a variety of panels.