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i am making an circuit that uses a 555 timer in an monostable mode to sett off a 300V charge from a disposable camera circuitboard after 1min. my problem is that i need to put some switch in between the camera capacitor and wire so when the 555timer gives a signal the switch to the capacitor closes and completer the circuit. any ideas of what i can use to complete the circuit for the 300V capacitor. the capacitor is 330V 80UF and i am thinking about connecting 3 caps together. thanks for any help


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Please post a schematic showing how the capacitor is connected and explain what you mean by "sett [sic] off a 300V charge".


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The circuit of a disposable camera flash is fairly standard.

It consists of two parts, a charging circuit and the flash circuit.

The flash is triggered when a switch contact is closed. This sends a high voltage pulse to the trigger electrode that then causes the xenon tube to avalanche and discharge the capacitor.

You can either use a mechanical switch such as a relay or you can use a transistor to function as a switch.