HELP! Cannot find a replacement capacitor

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I am new to this forum. I am a student and don't know much about electrical engineering.
I have a commercial vent fan from 1916 I am trying to restore to functioning condition. It had what I assume was a run capacitor from Singer (yes, the sewing machine company) rated for 500v and 4.3µf. I cannot find ANYTHING in that size and don't know what to replace it with. I think it's important to mention that I used some alligator clamps and got this thing fired up without the cap just to see if it functioned and it was pristine, although slow to get started obviously.

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Such capacitors are commonly available from electrical suppliers, appliance repair shops, or online as above. They are often 450V rather than 500V which I think is ok to use.

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You need to obtain a motor run rate capacitor, there are a few N.A. manuf. (do not use Chinese origin)!
I believe Mouser sell versions made by CDE.
BTW that looks like 4.7μf ?

So it's definitely 4.3µf, but it begs the question for me, is a 370v, 5µf going to be ok for that motor? I don't know enough to understand what over or under voltage may do and what the tolerance is for a variance in µf.

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the motor start capacitors have poor tolerance and vintage your original capacitor it was way worse.
btw. if transients, line and load fluctuation are concern, you could simply use 2 capacitors that are double the capacitance and connect them in series. series connection halves the capacitance but increases voltage rating.
so two 8.5 or 9 uF 370V caps will be a good substitute and this will be good for 700V.


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The CDE ones I referenced I have used for years and they are specifically made for motor start/run. IOW in circuit the whole time the motor is powered.
120VAC & 240VAC motors.