Help about 1200watt modular power supply

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So i have cooler master v1200watt platinum fully modular and when i try to start it the relay clicks and the fan spins for a split second and goes off and inside the psu is coming strange noise like hising or vibrating i dont know.So i opened it,it had 5vsb it had
ps-on voltage and doesnt have a short on the output mosfets so i start the psu and the pfc actuvates and brings up the capacitors to about 396 volts and the fan spins for a second and the noise is coming somewhere from the input hot side,and i am confused because the relay clicks the pfc control is actuvated it has no short on the output side but no voltage is present on the output side what so ever.
Please someone who knows better to help me because its an expensive psu and i dont want to buy another one.
Thanks dzoro