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Makes one wonder about the "Heartbleed", doesn't it?

"A programming error in "the bug" caused it to spread to computers outside of Natanz. When an engineer “left Natanz and connected [his] computer to the Internet, the American- and Israeli-made bug failed to recognize that its environment had changed.”[1] The code replicated on the Internet and was subsequently exposed for public dissemination. IT security firms Symantec and Kaspersky Lab have since examined Stuxnet.

It is unclear whether the Americans or Israelis introduced the programming error."

They could shut down the Net, fairly easily.:mad:
Including Twitter, (Facebook, The World's finest data-miner), etc.

Would come in real handy, (For them), during Martial Law; and other forms of civil unrest.:rolleyes:


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Heartbleed bug and subsequent fixes will be under scrutiny for a bit with little press coverage until after the holes are plugged. We will never know, for sure, if or how much was gathered by this bug and are entirely at the mercy of those who are "testing" the fixes to secure whatever data they retrieve. I'd like to have absolute faith in humanity, but, I'm afraid the would be absolutely ludicrous on my part.

according to this site with a date of Apr 16th 2014

At last count, Monday afternoon, the computer scientists at the University of Michigan found that 1.4 million web servers remain vulnerable to a Heartbleed attack. They are posting lists of vulnerable web and mail servers on their website.
Aren't we associated with CloudFlare in San Francisco? They are mentioned in that blog as well.

I found this picture on the internet ....



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They could shut down the Net, fairly easily.:mad:
Including Twitter, (Facebook, The World's finest data-miner), etc.
Goodbye and good riddance to Twitter and Facebook. Maybe some hacker will figure out how to stop texting/posting while driving.

Oops, almost missed my turn. (It's a joke; I don't text, post, or read while driving, nor do I originate cell phone calls.)


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And even dumber are the ones who hide their "smart" phone in their lap, so other drivers don't see them thumbing it.
I was driving along I-80 and I passed a woman playing on her ipad held up against her steering wheel. My son claims she was playing Candy Crush. Darwin will catch up with her soon. Hopefully no collateral damage along the way.
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