Hayabusa2 Success


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That was a pretty complex mission and a good achievement. I am not sure I like the part where the ground crew was speeding around looking for the thing. Maybe drop it in your own country next time. It might look like a lifeless desert to you but there are an amazing amount of critters living out there.


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There goes the neighborhood lets let the viruses migrate into the population until it make all of us zombies, you don’t have to be bitten just exposed. LIfe as we know it. Well I’m just saying transports come in familiar packages.


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This is from the BBC story on the same subject:


I am sure a big concern was Earth borne contamination. I think the likelihood of infectious viruses is extremely remote. Nothing similar has ever been found on samples from the moon or recovered meteorites. Remember that pathogenic viruses do not arise in complete isolation; although, something similar to viruses may have been the first life forms on Earth. They have evolved along with other life forms to become infectious.