Gould Datasys 700/800/900 series

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I was wondering that somebody could help me with a service manaul for the Gould Datasys 700/800/900 series ?
I love this scopes and have several of them : two 770 syncroscopes, a 840 and a 944.
Problem are the varta bateries who leak in the years... They destroy the copper lanes around it.
i have only one good cpu board anymore at the moment ( they are all the same except the software in the 4 eproms).
I have tried to repair the boards, but thats very difficult, there are 4 layers of tracks and not easy to follow the conections.
It would be a great help if i had the schematics. Maybe the 6000 and 7000 series has the same cpu board, i dont know.
Im been searching for a long time on the net for this manuals but could not find them. Hopeless....
The 944 has also other problems ( i think it was the last scope from Gould Datasys).
The user manual for the 840 i have, but the only info here is to reset the scope ( powerup withe holdall button pressed until beep).
I even found accidently the service menu: press 4 times on the 1 button. you can do many test here, but it doesnt of course solve a hardware problem.
So if anyone can make me happy....
I would pay for the manuals if needed . ( for digitalising them...)IMG_1575.JPG IMG_1480.JPG IMG_1577.JPG