Google unliterate people

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    Apr 28, 2012
    They create threads anew regularily.

    Same as $1.98 ebay request openers, a matter of statistic.
    Sure you'd need assistance from a third party to *halp* you get your $2 back, not to speak its most likely a fraud in the first instance.

    I found a lot of information by entering somehow related words into google.

    Moreover, forum threads here can be found this way.

    People who create threads when it is almost clear nothing will result from them, clog search engines, if they dont plain SPAM them.

    Reminds me on phony IC distributors with:

    -Millions of parts
    -Better service than others
    -All parts 100% tested

    well after a while you know the vocabulary,quite phony at times.

    Today I searched for SN29781 IC, its obscure from 1970s, nobody on the web has any datasheet,
    if you google it you find all these "professional" IC distributors.

    Which on the other hand, makes me think their customers at times dont have much of a clue.

    When I compare the info I saw today (inaccurate, wrong, clogged, SPAM) to my knowledge, I could be worth quite a few $ if I put the info at the right place and find a strategy to make money with it.

    Whats the point of the thread?

    I notice often when you search google, you only find rubbish, pages with no real information.
    Does it serve some purpose?

    I can think.... THEY got a customer (black hat SEO), to improve their search placement, they alter their bogus and interlinked pages so it doesnt contain customers items anymore or with different spelling.
    Or create a need for SEO in the first place because there is so much rubbish.

    That seems to be quite realistic.

    Oh well paranoid, this piezo bug thread was quite unoriginal, or maybe perhaps this forum user has grown up without television?

    Or there was just bad James Bond plots, and she missed the one where they use a laser to catch vibrations from the window pane.

    How about this one:

    The government can link into any room and read the phosphor coating from the television tube with the electron beam and send over power supply lines.


    Today we have the internet, cyberspace, yes, THEY can and do access all information in the cloud.

    That makes clogging the web with rubbish portals very legitimate, just wrong time wrong place?

    Moving in circles?

    Oh yes, some workers here have smt. to do with military, and sure you need a discrete piezo if you want a microphone.

    Check your digital TV box, maybe there is a small camera inside with a pinhole, and THEY ARE WATCHING YOU.
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    Apr 16, 2010
    Paranoia flaring up? Mine, too. Can't find my tin foil; THEY took it!

    BTW, it's illiterate rather than unliterate.
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    Maybe we need a new category for rants!
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    For some reason when I clicked this thread, I thought the OP was Mr. Chips. The grammar fail in the title prompted me to read it as satire, so the abundance of grammar fails in the first couple of sentences seemed in-line with what I expected. But as I continued, I became puzzled. The grammar fails were inconsistent, and the content seemed not funny enough to be a joke. I thought, "Is Mr. Chips drunk or what?" Then I stopped reading; I was about to click the "back" button when I realized it was not Mr. Chips' post, but a sad rant from someone else.
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    If you read it as to having a drunk irish accent over it then it makes more sense. :p

    Well really it doesn't make any more sense but it comes off a lot funnier that way. :D
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    I don't think he's been feeling well lately.
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    Its like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.
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    Sep 30, 2009
    I thought maybe Loosie had moved to Ireland. :p