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Duane P Wetick

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My old (re-habed laptop w/ Vista) says Google Chrome has crashed...whats the procedure for getting rid of the bug that caused this...After removing bug, should I then un-install and then re-install Google Chrome?

Cheers, DPW [Everything has limitations...and I hate limitations.]

Note: Going to Windows Explorer, then selecting Google will load without incident...still cannot load Google Chrome, however. Something is interfering with Chrome. Cleaning out cookies and history has no effect.

Solution: Un-install Google Chrome program that is currently corrupted...Then, download and re-install Google Chrome from the Internet...this will allow Google Chrome to work as the browser.
The originally installed Google Chrome had picked up a corrupt file from somewhere.
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Don't get too carried away. Just try restarting after a reboot of your machine. Google Chrome could have crashed because of the web site you were on.

What are the symptoms of the crash? Is the browser completely unusable now?

What else was running at the time?

Do you know more specifically about the "bug" that you can share?


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Google Chrome crashes frequently on one system I use. Usually it's because I have it running continuously and Chrome grabs all the memory in the computer. When I try to open a new page too often, the memory requests overflows and the program crashes. Restarting Chrome is all I need to do, although I usually restart the computer to reset Windows list of pointers.


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Google chrome became crap lately.Sometimes if I watch youtube on google chrome the computer would get BSOD without reason.