Goodbye old friend


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Hmm. Being friends with a building.

I hadn't considered it but it's not such a bad idea really!

Stable relationship, low demands, always there to talk to, never judges you, never gives bad advice.

Logically it's way better than being friends with people. :oops:

I like it! :cool:


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I once stayed in the old Aladdin years ago, and got a kick out of seeing it come down not long after. Viva Las Vegas !!

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Hmm. Being friends with a building.
It was a good friend to us back then. We would start at the 32nd street naval station. The road out the main gate was highway 15 that ran right to the Vegas strip in those days. We'd all pile in a beat-up old car once a month and start flying up the mountain, down and across the desert on that old two lane road with our guns (for shooting a empty beer cans in the desert), girls and booze for a wild weekend in a nice room at military rates. Always got treated like a million bucks there and I can't say the same for some of the places in Cali we visited in the 70's.

Follow the sign to the right to Las Vegas.
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I remember Vegas in the late 60's early 70's. It still had its wild West charm and not so much glitz. Remember the original Sands?



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Hmm. Being friends with a building.

Stable relationship, low demands, always there to talk to, never judges you, never gives bad advice. :cool:
Also, one building doesn't mind if you have been in other buildings.

I lived in Las Vegas from 1988 to 2000. I liked the Paddle Wheel before it got rebuilt. Best crab legs in town.


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I got a kick out of the banner proclaiming that this was "Breaking News". Uh, what does it say about the news department if this took them by surprise?

Also, 5 minutes of fireworks to see about 15 seconds of actual coverage -- certainly jives with where news coverage has ended up.

Still, the 15 seconds was cool.

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People think being a demolition contractor would be a fun job, but after knowing a few people who actually worked in the business, it isn't all that great.

It's a filthy job and a notch above a garbage collector. In San Francisco in the 1980s, there was a demo job on every 5 square block area in the downtown district and people couldn't wait til the work was over.

In fact, building demolition is the second largest contributor to the solid waste problem and more sophisticated techniques are being developed to recycle debris instead of dumping it in a landfill. With all the high rise demo jobs in Vegas, I suspect the landfills are already overflowing.