Good price on full featured Oscope.


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One thing to keep in mind is that there is more to a scope's specs than bandwidth, add-ons and price. Keysight has used their custom ASIC rendering technology on this one to achieve up to 50K waveforms/sec. That is significantly faster than a lot of cheapies and gets you into glitch-finding territory with more chances of finding the glitch than cheaper scopes which acquire at the advertised fast rate but then render the trace in software. While that is going on the inputs are blind and you can miss a lot of signals.

Keysight is the latest invocation of the former Agilent and HP. Support is very solid.

After much research a couple of years ago, I moved from 40 years of owning TEK to Keysight. Unlike much of the price-based stuff floating around, it is first rate stuff IMO - so you have to pay a bit more for it, too. I personally prefer quality and performance before bells and whistles.

But check the specs and see if the extra money is worth it for you. It was for me..
Just my .01 (since I spent so much on the scope).

FWIW here's the datasheet on the scope that @Kermit2 referred to.
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