Getting data from a displacement sensor

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    Oct 2, 2015

    I'm working on a little project, I would like to get data from a contact displacement sensor which outputs the following digital signals:


    Its basically an encoder with A B digital output, max output frequency is 2.5Mhz

    Curently experimenting with RPi and Arduino with interrupt inputs (in C), but this wont manage the 2.5Mhz, especially if connecting multiple sensors.

    Need a "high speed counter" which wont skip any data, so needs to be realtime. What would be appropriate hardware to realise this?

    Goal is to get readings from multiple sensors(3 to 5) simultaneously, pack data in UDP packets and send them over to where i need them.

    Would like to get position of sensor each 0.1s

    Is this even possible?

    Tnx for all the answers.