General electronics , digital signal to the base of a npn transistor.

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I need to send a digital signal to the base of a npn transistor. I need the frequency to be around 100 times a second. This will turn on a buzzer 100 times a second and create a specific sound.
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If you really have a buzzer, you would send it a steady voltage to make a sound.

If it is a speaker, a 100 Hz signal would make it buzz.



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Having played with active and passive piezo buzzers. Active buzzers need only DC. Passive buzzers work on an AC signal. You can change the tones on active buzzer using a square wave but passive is the way to go if you intend to send it pulses.

555 is pretty simple to achieve but so is a little 8 pin AVR or PIC with less components and less current. With a Microcontroller you could switch it change frequencies blink LEDs and all sorts of fun stuff. I suggest an ATTINY45 or 85 depending on how efficient your coding is.

100hz on a passive will probably sound more like clicks. Most of them are designed for much higher frequency. Near 2k or so depending on the buzzer
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