Gated waveforms?

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So, one thing I need to figure out is properly interfacing a 68HC11 MPU (Motorola) to a 8279 display controller (Intel).

The Motorola 68xx architecture makes use of a single R/~W line, while the Intel architecture calls for separate ~RD and ~WR lines.

The attachment shows the waveforms as measured in the piece of equipment I'm been dinking around with, and I want to see if this is what I'm supposed to have - in other words, whether the step of OR-ing the signals with the system clock is mandatory.

The first waveform is the R/~W signal as generated by the 68HC11.

The second is the ~RD signal; the R/~W signal is inverted then OR-ed with the system clock to generate this signal.

The third is the ~WR signal, which is just the R/~W signal OR-ed with the system clock.



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In the dim and distant past, the RD and WR lines to interface Intel peripherals to 6502 and 6800 processors were generated from R/W and clock using a 74LS139, so I'd say yes - clock is required.