Game show buzzer automatic reset

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Can anyone help me design this circuit to automatically reset after 5 seconds? I made a game show buzzer circuit for my English class (I'm a English as a second language teacher) but as it is you have to then off and then on to reset.
Maybe another 555 timer with a capacitor? Included is the wiring diagram that the project came with.
I'm very new to electronics but it has been a fun hobby so far. I don't know anything except the basics.



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You could do it with the '555s you already have in the circuit.
For each '555:
1. disconnect pin 6 from ground
2. Link pins 6 & 7
3. Connect 10M resistor from 6 & 7 to positive supply
4. Connect 47nF capacitor from 6 & 7 to ground.
This makes each '555 into a 5 second monostable.