FreeRTOS software for the XMC microcontroller

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Hi Infineon team,

You mentioned that the software is available for the XMC microcontrollers for AWS.
Where can I find the software for the AWS Cloud and is there a manual available?



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Hi Allenivis,

The software for XMC is part of the official AWS freeRTOS repository on GitHub and can be found here:

You can find all information about the XMC microcontroller kits and integration in the specific Infineon vendor folder here.
We have not only qualified XMC evaluation boards like the XMC4800 IoT Connectivity Kit, but also secure elements like the OPTIGA™ Trust M.

A manual can also be found on the AWS landing page here with a Getting started guide for the XMC4800 IoT Connectivity Kit:

I hope that this information is helpful and please let me know whether you need additional information or help

Thanks and best regards,