For Sale Fluke 37 multimeter & BK Precision 20MHz Model 2120

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If you need some low priced multimeter or scope, these are a great deal - time is short though - Auction ends at (ending 9pm EST Friday 5/24) (I'm sole bidder and it's a small site, low chance of other bidders)..

I'm bidding on 2 lots of these items from a college that just upgraded to new equipment and the items I received from them before were in EXCELLENT condition and I've been told these are in very good shape. I made a post on another forum asking for any information on these items to make sure that these will do what I want.

Auction ends at (ending 9pm EST Friday 5/24) so I need to know by 8pm if you are interested. You can message me or reply in this thread. They can be shipped by UPS or USPS from The UPS Store. I'll split the cost of the auction per item and then you can arrange shipment with UPS Store (already got verification from them) - shipping from Alabama. Payment via paypal (or other means if not too troublesome, I'm open to options).

The Fluke 37 comes with authentic fluke leads/probes I've been told and IDK if the scope has any leads.

I'm estimating about $25 for the Fluke 37 (plus whatever UPS store charges for UPS or USPS shipping - I think it will fit in flat rate priority box).

As for the scope, I'm guessing $30-40 for the unit and IDK if USPS is an option due to size.

Here is a link to the other thread I posted about these items, it has a little more info about these.

Fluke 37.jpg BK Scope.jpg

Fluke 37 link to manual

BK Precision 2120 link to manual

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