FAN PROBLEM - Related to microwave controller thread (attached).

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Fan problem - related to This thread:

Trying to find a fan that will work with a microwave control board. Already have the original project built. Trying to add in a fan feature. On the other thread I was questioning about what sort of fan motor would work on such a circuit. Somewhere I believe I mentioned I have a fan from a scrapped microwave oven. I know it works because in the past I've run it. It's more powerful than what I want, but for the moment I'm trying to solve the problem in another thread. So this thread is sort of related to the other thread. I'm posting this thread just trying to figure out how to connect the wiring again.

The fan has four wires and a starter cap (7µF 400 VAC rating).
A long black wire with spade lug
A long white wire with spade lug
A short orange wire with smaller spade lug
A short yellow wire with ring terminal (need to know where this goes - if anywhere at all)

With white (motor lead) connected to the starter cap and to neutral and the orange lead connected to the other lead of the starter cap the motor runs full speed. But when I connect the black (motor lead) to one lead of the starter cap and the other cap lead connected to orange and to hot the motor runs on a much lower speed. My fear is that this configuration (the second, low speed) might damage the motor. I need your thoughts on this. Refer to the drawing below.

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