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Hello all,
This is my first post and i have little to no knowledge about electronics. Long story short, I have two DC fans that have inbuilt light. The light and fan in both the fans operates using remote control. On Fan A using the remote i could switch on the fan but not the light. Everything was working for Fan B. I took out the receiver from Fan B and installed it on Fan A. Everything worked for two days and the the lights were out again. So now i have two fans that i cannot operate the lights. the fan still works on both the fans.
I opened up the receiver and i shorted a transistor. the light turns on every time i do that but only as long as the short happens.
Question - please find the attached picture of TRIAC. I am not able to find this online or anywhere. Can some one please provide some direction on what the best next alternative is?
Also what do the inscriptions on the TRIAC mean?


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Thank you Bertus. Yes it is driving a fan. It is not switching the lights on. One critical piece of information I missed in my post is Fan B has two light bulbs and Fan A has one. When i moved the receiver from Fan A to Fan B it worked for two days and then lights stopped working again. I believe it is the wattage of the 2 bulbs in Fan B that has caused the failure. Fan A had one light bulb. The receiver in Fan A was working perfectly. I note that in below 12 in BTA12 means 12 Amps.

CHN 2.25

What do the rest of them mean. and what would be my nearest TRIAC that can make this work again?


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What is the power of the lightbulbs?
It looks strange that the triacs fail on a couple of lightbulbs.



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Things look a bit cooked around the centre of that last pic. Or is it flux residue? The joints on some of the pins in the bottom row don't look too healthy either.