Fallout from Memorial Day Tribute

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For the record, I removed WBahn's thread from public view.

For the record, I am an executive member (served as president in the past) of the local chapter of an international organization that publicly supports our local and national veterans association.

For the record, I annually and personally, as the representative of the above organization, walk in procession of wreath bearers to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers at our local memorial service.

For the record, I am a member of the team of judges who appraises entries of artwork, essays and poems submitted by school children in a local and national competition in honor and respect of our fallen soldiers.

Fact #1 - I sent WBahn a PM with an explanation and waited for his response.

Fact #2 - There was no response from WBahn and after 20 minutes there were no replies to his thread.

Fact #3 - I removed the thread from public view after the thread was visible for 20 minutes.

What pursued was failure of due process in the moderation procedure.

I was never given the opportunity to discuss with fellow moderators and WBahn himself in order to identify why I took the action that I did and to rectify the situation.

For the record, I have no argument with any citizen of any country or nation promoting honor and respect for the fallen or past and present who gave military service to their country.

What I found questionable was the wording of the tribute as written. Had WBahn been willing enough to stay and listen I would have been happy to provide assistance in order to remove those sections that could be deemed offensive. In my opinion, this would have resulted in a better tribute.

There is proper procedure for handling disputes on AAC. This is what results when you allow opinion and emotions to interfere with procedure.

As a moderator of AAC I did what was expected of a moderator whenever there is any post of questionable content.

As a moderator I would do the exact same thing again in a similar context.

I cannot continue to perform the duty of a moderator if I am denied the authority to immediately remove a post from public view, pending further review.

Therefore, I hereby submit my resignation as a moderator of All About Circuits.
Not open for further replies.