Extra functions on multimeter.

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In the early 1980s I had a multimeter / calculator combined.

Readings from the multimeter could be transferred into the calculator for further processing.

At that time I wanted a logic (TTL & CMOS) facility incorporated but could never find one, until now.

I have just taken delivery of a new multimeter that incorporates CMOS and TTL test settings.

Now I am having trouble finding some (ancient?) TTL/CMOS circuitry to test!

What other goodies have people seen / would they desire in a multimeter?



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99% of the time, I don't need a graph, but it would be wonderful to have a little window that shows me if there is DC under my AC reading or AC riding on what I thought was only DC.


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A multimeter that is really a handheld oscilloscope sounds sweet to me.


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Since oscilloscopes themselves have shrunk to just about hand held sizes I'll just keep using my scope as a scope, thanks.

I like a DVM to be small and relatively simple without a lot of setting to make to make a measurement. I like when I can just set the type (ACV or I, DCV or I, or ohms), tap the circuit for one reading and hit the range button so it sticks. I'm not a huge fan of autorange and get it off as soon as it's done it's job once.

My standby cheapie from Radio Shack went extremely out of cal (+20% on AC voltage) just before Christmas so I asked for a RS replacement to make it easy for her to find when she demanded some sort of gift list from me.

It works, like it so far, except it came with a temperature probe and a weird USB cable ("A" plugs both ends) that stay in the box.

Which means now I have to keep the box so I have another piece of something floating on my work desk.


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Hi studiot.

The feature I would like is the audible continuity tester. But not the typical beeper found in modern meters.
Could be just an additional very simple circuit to the multimeter, powered by only one 1.5V of the cells inside the multimeter. The multimeter can be off. Independent probe jacks for such.
I have the gadget in a separate box, and use it very often. Integrating such into the multimeter would be great.

Tone is 440Hz for zero ohms, and rises to about 1KHz for say 10 ohm. Discussed previously here :
----> http://forum.nutsvolts.com/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=7132&hilit=continuity
----> http://www.electro-tech-online.com/threads/audible-tones-continuity-tester.139251/
----> http://www.edaboard.com/thread306989.html


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DC, AC Volts
DC, AC current
High current range (20A)
Continuity test, audible output
diode test
BJT beta (optional)


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The DMMs I have seen have current ranges to 200mA. Then there is a separate switch setting and input for 10A or 20A range.

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Yeah I ground up a whole sack of 3055s, but I'd say the taste was a bit odd.
Perhaps I didn't roast them properly first.