Expensive Phone and static electricity puzzle

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Hi guys, I have an issue with my new phone, so I thought i might ask for help and clarification. The phone is an expensive flagship Huawei model, so the problem shouldn't be there for sure. The problem started when I changed the factory protective plastic film and put a tempered glass on the device. Couple of days later I noticed digitizer lines on the display and discoloration on finger presses. The discoloration and lines disapeared when the display was not being pressed. I imediately removed the protective glass, and noticed severe display distortions during the removal. Soon, in about 10 minutes, things went to completely normal. The phone is working perfectly fine, the image is great, BUT the sympthoms return the moment i put a glass or a plastic film on the display. Could the display/phone be somehow charged with static electricity so that it stays there for a long time? Or is it faulty and should I RMA it? I've been using the phone without a screen protector for a few days, all fine, tested by sticking and unsticking a plastic film. There were dark smudges on the the white background, so the static didn't discharge.... Perhaps I might add that the display has no oleophobic coating from factory, and that the phone was not turned off when the first plastic film was being removed.... i also didn't try leaving the phone off for some time. I would be tankful if you would explain this phenomenon, and share any suggestions that you might have. The problem is similar to this. Thank you for your replies and suggestions....


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Your phone is fine. Most LCDs do not like to be flexed any force to change the distance from the top surface to the substrate will cause problems with the polarization filter on the font and this shows up as variations in the amount of llight that comes through from the backlight.

Similarly, large electric fields across the LCD cells cause a change in polarization of the light passing through the cells. Normally it is a few volts AC or even less in some cases. When you pull the plastic off the display you generate, perhaps, thousands off volts between the phone and the plastic. Some of that is seen by the LCD cells.