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Ok i picked up this treadmill to help with dog rehab since i do dog rescue, but anyways got it home plugged it in got an error code 7 (PCB did not recive any signal) bad communication for upper and lower controller. The communication signal from upper and lower controller is bad by interference from motor. First thing i did whas check all the cables and wires all check good. Then i checked the motor and the incline motor check good then i disconnected the motors code still is present. Started digging into the upper and lower controllers upper control panel looks good all buttons work no damage present all wires meter right. Then i pulled the PCB out of the case and started to do a visual inspection for any signs of present damage or issues. At first glance nothing stood rate out fuse was good light was on had 5v signal. Then i jumped rate to the mosfit IRFP260N in VF1 tested bad also what i think is a diode in VD3 tests bad. Checked the 3006PT next to it it tests fine. Then i checked the bridge rectifier KBJ2506 in VD2 tests fine. Got my magnifier glass out and started looking deeper and noticed alittle black soot on my varistors 20K271 in R25 and the little blue ones in c36 c13 c9 and a smaller blue one in c10. I havent removed them yet to test since i am digging through boxes for my desodering tools from the move. I alse tested the bridge rectifier KBP206 in VD9 tests good. I turn the board over it looks good besides one little hot spot on one of the pins on capacitor C25. Is their anyone out their familiar with this control board HZC-YDPDCC-007C. I i need some more guidance and help so i can get this beast back up and going asap. Please and thank you


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