Ever been injured/poisoned from solder(ing)?

Gonzo Rules:

1. When quoting a design job, always double the amount and demand half the money up front.

2. If you want it bad, you'll get it bad.

3. I can offer low price, high quality and fast turnaround.....Pick two.

4. The secret to electronics is to never let the smoke out.

5. (for Pulsed Power designs) "We will heat nothing but the Load!"

6. Eventually there comes a time when you need to shoot the Engineers and start production.

7. Software is never finished.

8. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of meeting the schedule has been forgotten.

9. International Standards aren't!

10. Soldering, and PCB layout are not skills,....they are an art.

11. It doesn't matter who made the mistake. What matters is who is going to fix it.

12. Spice models are still just models.

13. The best knowledge is in the latest data books.

I will finish this later, when I have more time...;)

On second thought......maybe I will prepare the whole list and start a different thread called "Lessons Learned"