ESP8266 compatible with Arduino Leonardo

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I want to know about esp8266 is compatible with arduino leonardo.
Nowadays ESP8266 is much popular and comes with more functionalities.
I see some blogs and getting information about it.
I know, it is compatible with arduino ide. But, I want to use this one in arduino leonardo.
So, anyone who have used and experienced then plz help me.


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They are not compatible but a bit similar.
Here is an ESP8266 board that "looks" like an Arduino...
It lacks some of the I/Os of the Arduino, like there is only A0. And some of the code from the Arduino IDE can run on it, but not all.
Also, there is the 3.3V vs 5V to take into consideration.
But I'd say get a couple and have a play. Depending on what you want to do, there is the Sonoff series of boards too.... and they are very hackable. Look at the forums for them if you are interested. A plugin for the Arduino IDE is available for them. The ESP8266 boards are great but for some uses the Arduinos are better suited.