Esp01 blue o board led blinking every 8 seconds

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So my esp01 which has been posting for a few months via my wifi router stopped doing so a few nights ago. It's a standalone esp01 running a temp reading and wifi posting to emoncms code.

I thought it was a power issue because I was running it from an Uno (3.3v pin) which worked fine for a few months before it started "hanging". But I switched it over to a 3.3v power source and it still has issues. The power source is a lm1117 powered from a wall wart.

So I switched focus to my router. I have a macbook air and a Google Home in the same room as the esp01. It seems now everytime I power up my esp01, it knocks off the Google home and macbook air from that network. I've checked the router log but it doesn't seem to save the reason why it does what it does. So if I power up my esp right now, the system log simply starts back up and I can see when it recognizes the Esp but no errors as to why it kicks everyone else off.

Any ideas?
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