Equivalent registers for the PIC16F877A.

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Hello, I'm trying to implement a code from PIC18F452 to PIC16F877A. But registers T0CON,TMR0H,TMR0L,TMR0IF,TMR0ON appear as not previously defined. I would like to know which registers can be worked as equivalent to the ones mentioned above, but for the PIC16877A.

I was thinking I could use T1CON, TMR1H and TMR1L ? But how to replace TMR0IF and TMR0ON?


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The T0 control is in the Option Register, and the T0 interrupt flags are in the INTCON register.

The mappings you require are in the manual datasheet in section 5.0 "Timer0 Module".
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Timer 0 on the standard pic16 was on all the time and was used by the watchdog, Its on by default. The T0IF T0IE were the interrupt control..

To stop the timer, the only way was to deflect the clock source, but never needed to do that..