Energy Monitoring using AIO multi input energy Metering IC.

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Hi Folks
I want to build an enery metering device for the house that meets the following requirement

1. The power delivery at house is done using a 3 phase circuit from the Utility provider. However we dont use any three phase load. The three phase are split to provide power to different parts of the house.
2. There are 24 trip switches in my main panel which i want monitored. This plus the 3 phases make a total of 27 monitoring points. The amp rating varies of the individual trip switches are rated at 10A or 20A. The main input 3 phase trip switch is rated at 65Amp. So for the smaller trip switches i need to be able to measure small loads in range of 1-10A.
3. Now the solution i plan is to use Current Transformers on all the 24 point and 3 phases connecting them to a central PCB which will house a multichannel (if possible) Energy metering IC. I will need as manay ICs as there are inputs, hence multichannel to reduce the number of ICs.
4. The Energy metering IC should support Phase compensation and energy calculation correction based on that, i understand that there are some ICs capable of doing that,
5. The energy metering IC should support interface to Raspberry Pi device for reading the data and storing.

What i am looking for is a suggestion of a suitable multi input all in one energy metering IC and help with the related circuit. I intend to build a prototype with one IC and see if it works well and then supersize it for my requirement of 24+3 monitoring points.

Any recommendations would be very helpful