Embedded system detailed design steps

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I’m looking for a resources, books or other materials which explains modern day embedded system design in detail. It should include hardware and software design steps. It’s should cover minor steps in detail such selecting hardware components, how to develop software using evaluation board connections and etc. Please suggest any form of resources, books or other materials. Please suggest best once. Thanks.


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DISCLAIMER: The following is my unvarnished opinion based of a half century of doing embedded design. It is not meant to be a personal comment on anybody's capabilities or skills.

I don't know if there is a book or other materials that will fulfill your need. What I can tell you is that you need to practice "bottom up" learning by looking at, analyzing, and experimenting with literally hundreds of small and insignificant circuits as well as small and insignificant algorithms and programs. This process will spread out over a period of years. At the same time you need to practice approaching things in a "top down" fashion by learning to define your requirements, sub divide the (design) problem into manageable chunks, then by a process of stepwise refinement, implement the design. This is something you can learn by observing someone who can do it. It is unlikely, but not impossible, that you can succeed on your first attempt without help from a mentor, but it certainly won't happen quickly.


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This is called Systems Design Engineering, or whatever you want to call it.
It embodies two approaches, "Bottom-up" and "Top-down" design.
"Buttom-up" means you have to learn the basics, circuit theory, analog and digital circuits, interfaces, mcu architecture and computer programming. There are no short cuts. Learning all of these can easily take two to five years.

After you have these under your belt, you need working experience actually building and working with circuits and systems. This could take another two or more years.

Then you can apply "Top-down" design. This means you start with the big picture - the application. Here, you are able to see the forest despite the trees.

Good luck.