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how to test embedded software for products such as air conditioning Using specifically built-in simulation boards and user interfaces.


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The answer I gave, which was deleted, was "scaffolding". Let me elaborate. Scaffolding refers to extra hardware and firmware that is included in an embedded design which is not required by the application. It is there to facilitate testing and design verification. IMHO nothing could be more relevant and on topic than this. It may seem foolish to add extra expense to a cost sensitive design, but when you stack that up against the ability to test in production and troubleshoot in the field, it turns out to be an investment that pays substantial dividends.

In practice it can be as simple as adding an RS-232 transceiver to an unused UART port on a microcontroller. You now have the ability to observe and control aspects of the system that would not otherwise be available to you.

To the moderator(s): Do you really think your decision to delete my post was justified. If so I guess you'd better delete this post as well.


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In light of the more detailed explanation that you have posted, explaining the word 'scaffolding' in the TS's context, the post has been un-deleted.