Elevator control system

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I have done this circuit which is an 4 floors elevator. Please help me with its state table and truth table.IMG_20231210_125655.jpg


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How did you manage to "do" that circuit without considering what states were needed and how to transition between them?


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In addition to the other statements about this creation, it is very tedious to follow a wiring diagram when trying to discover the logic function. Besides that, we have not even a hint of the logic inside all of the various boxes. Nor are we given any clue as to what those boxes might be.
Thus, given no information and no insight, the very best the TS can possibly expect is a random guess. Without knowing the functions of those blocks,, how would we have a clue as to what they are doing???
So my suggestion is to FIRST understand what the system inputs and outputs are, THEN, based on those inputs and outputs, determine what the control functions must be, THEN develop a state chart based on the control functions. After that is completed, THEN a block diagram can be created, and the individual block functions be designed.
OR, if that has already been done, given that a wiring diagram is displayed, what actually remains?
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