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Building Project Management isn't a simple activity. It tends to be fulfilling - yet it's anything but a straightforward bit by bit process. There are commonly various errands that require consideration and should be chipped away at all the while. This regularly tests your performing various tasks every day.


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Text that initially looks OK but when you read it you see its a collection of random sentences that don't make any sense. They are designed to fool spam filters by having the right 'shape' and cadence of a 'real' post. Also the timing is classic. Register as a new member (often done manually to get over the verification process) then a few days later the bot takes over and posts a few similar messages over a few days. If no one closes the account then you'll start to see messages advertising websites and/or links to products, often dodgy ones...


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It can well be he makes a post to his blog again.
I have already deleted one of his posts.
If he does, he is gone.