Drum Machine Repair (Yamaha RX5)

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Hi All,

I recently purchased a Yamaha RX5. I cleaned it up got a new power supply, powered it up and YUCK!

The Bass drums sound high pitched metallic and distorted. ( there are some other sounds with this to a lesser degree)

I was listening through the headphone jack so I tried the Mono out and the Bass Drum individual out, all the same.

I tried the Factory reset, a few times. No change

I went into the “edit sounds” In case it was mis- pitched but no and tuning it down made it sound worse. I tried adjusting all the other parameters to no improvement.

I thought perhaps it could be the bass drum button? So I reinitialized the demo patterns and played those- same results.

I opened it up and changed the battery just in case and removed the bass drum fader, dismantled it cleaned it all and reinstalled it. Looked around and saw nothing to speak of. I cleaned and reseated all available connections. I put it all back together did a reset and no change.

I saw a guy on YouTube who had an RX5 that was really grungy and nothing worked. He popped off the IC’s and put the boards in the dishwasher! He got it all working and it sounded great. I cannot pop off the IC’s, they are soldered direct to the board, maybe i have an older model.

So at this point Both bass drums sound bad, Snare one and tom one have a tiny bit of distortion. Tom 2 has a high pitched metallic resonance. The tambourine is distorted half the time. All the other sounds are perfect.

Can the PCM samples go bad? Can it be fixed?