Drone Based System Design Ideas

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Drone-Based System Design Ideas. I can post only 3 ideas in this forum a day and this is my third post and idea of today.

Keep the thread alive for free circuits, c codes, and PCB layouts for free and soon.

I have designed many Drone-based systems for personal and commercial use.

I have a lot of work and hence cannot type and put a lot of information and ideas at one time. Gradually I will post one drone based systems full circuit, code, and PCB layout here.

I will keep updating this thread with hundreds of Drone-based devices for home, industrial, and commercial use one or two a week.

The first 3 Drone-based devices are a Drone-based Vaccum Cleaner, a Pesticide Spraying device for tall trees and agricultural lands, and a building indoor and outdoor spray-painting drone device.

They will have GPS for auto-navigation to target, BT for real-time configuring of agricultural land 4 corners latitude and longitude, tree altitude, areas. Infrared night vision camera and other obstacle avoidance sensors for smooth navigation. Supercapacitor and Solar panel-based charging DC power supply for long-range navigation. Plastic container for holding 20 to 50 liters pesticide. DC pump with air compressor and spray gun. Once agricultural land 4 corner latitudes and longitudes are set it will auto-navigate and spray pesticides. Other additional technology can be implemented as needed.

Drone-based wet and dry Vaccum cleaner are for cleaning small and very tall buildings both indoor and outdoor.

Similarly, the spray painting drone with an additional digital spray gun mixes RGB or RYB color paints as in printers and can paint any colors or textures.

These are highly constructive ideas but there are destructive aspects also like in pesticide spraying drone knowing or unknowingly somebody can mix concentrated nitric acid or potassium cyanide solution to destroy the harvest of other's agricultural land.

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Spray painting drone with one spay can and sprayprinter with multiple cans. For printing is better to use CMYK colors not RGB. Drone vacuum cleaner will be nice, my bookshelfs collect dust very easily :(
Okay, thanks. Drone Vacuum Cleaner is for both Wet and Dry indoor and outdoor cleaning and moping of all kinds of buildings, doors, windows, panels, etc,... GPS navigation, different tools for different kinds of cleaning. Tall buildings, Temples, Palaces, Churches, everything can be auto-cleaned.

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Hello there :)
Plastic container for holding 20 to 50 liters pesticide. DC pump with air compressor and spray gun
1.00000 Liter = 0.26417 Gallons (US)
so 50 X .264 = 13.2 gallons
The weight of one gallon of water is 8.33 lbs so 8.33X13.2=approx 110 lbs

Fascinating! you have definitely drawn my attention.