Douglas Adams was Right. Science Journal Proves 42 Is the Address of the Universe

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Moving forward, we apply a transform to resolve the Measurement Frame solution. We call this transform the metric differential(Appx. T). It takes a different form depending on the units associated with the expression being transformed. For instance, the metric differential associated with gravitational curvature is c/θsi. Notably, this can be reduced to 2/m for half of mfas in nM=1/2.The transform for elementary charge is complex requiring a great deal more calculation than what is already associated with the fine structure constant. And the metric differential for the fine structure constant, being a non-dimensional quality is the simplest of all. It is the product 42θsi minus the whole-unit portion of the same product.
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With just over 500 equations, the paper solves a comprehensive physical description of dark energy, dark matter, discrete gravity, and unification. Solving more than 30 prominent problems in modern physics, the paper derives physical constants from first principles, explains the physical significance of Planck units, solves discrete versions of SR and GR, derives the equivalence principle, and provides a parameter-free description of early universe events, discovers a new form of contraction Length has nothing to do with Einstein’s relativity and defines the separate state of our universe – 42. Forty-two is what defines our universe from any other version of the universe. It also determines the rate of expansion and orbit of the ground state of the atom, thus reducing the number of stable universes as we understand them to only a few.