[DOUBT] Let's talk about laptop a CPU(soldered) upgrade

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Hello people,
Yes, it's me. The guy who wants to do a cpu upgrade.
After walk kilometers and kilometers, trying to find a technical service to do a desoldering (i7-8750H) of the cpu of my laptop to replace it for other something better (i9-9980HK), finally, i have found a place to do this operation.
When i reached the place, he asked me the questions of always. "Is the cpu soldered?" Yes, "Do you have the micro code?" Yes, "Stencil?" Yes, "Do you know if the BIOS and the EC are compatible" in this one he catched me, i answered "i don't know", and that why i'm here. What do i need to know what kind of things i need to do for successful upgrade of my cpu? some one can help me?


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The issue is that some BIOS may be coded for only certain CPUs. Thus, you cannot upgrade a CPU if the BIOS does not support it. You have to check the manufacturer's website to see what BIOS updates they have done, and what CPUs those were targeted at.
As well, was your laptop model ever sold with the "upgraded" CPU from the factory? If not, odds are slim it will support your upgrade.
For all that risk, you are looking at a 10% to 20% performance improvement, not all that much...