DMA, TIMER and DAC on STM32 with CubeMX

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I recently asked a question about a failing sample of code I put together, sadly that thread descended into bickering and I bear much of the blame for that.

Anyway I discovered the problem, it was that I was unaware of exactly which files are generated when one uses CubeMX to create a new project. I had therefore taken such a project and modified it thinking that all the relevant code was on the main.c file - it wasn't!

When we use CubeMX to generate a project it often creates numerous files and the device initialization and configuration is spread across several files, my problem is that I needed to modify several files not just main.c but I had no idea and the comments generated in the code by CubeMX are rather brief and don't mention such stuff.

I now have a working Visual GDB sample and I can generate a sine wave via the DAC at frequencies of 50 KHz and beyond with ease.

So once again assumption was the problem and this often lies at the root of these kinds of issues, thanks to those replied and I apologize if I became frustrated and reacted poorly.