Diy How to run two 14.8v batterys in parallel that power 14V digital amplifier?

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Nothing. Plug and play.
I would hope I matched the specs well but not that we'll. The batteries don't have a pcb correct? Won't lacking this possibly over load the circuit or amp? Also id like to charge the batteries inside the boombox via panel mount inputs (also power supply). Can I power my box and charge it at the same time Any diagrams or help is greatly appreciated


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Okay. I see more to this now.

Here's the main amplifier sections basics.

Given the listed 14.6-volt suggested upper voltage limit I can see some issues with this concept now.

Also given your lipo type battery packs have a 14.8 volt nominal voltage and peak charging voltage of around 16.8 VDC I can see a problem there.

If it was me and I wanted to run it and charge on the go without adding sone form of high powered voltage regulation circuitry to it I would switch from the LiPO units to either a 10 cells in a series set by X sets in parallel NiCad or NiMh battery system of which both would be able to be fully charged on a 14.6 volt feed.

If not you are going need to have some sort of basic reasonably high powered voltage regulation system or simply run off of 3 cell 11.1 volt LiPo packs that will recharge properly at 14.2 - 14.6 volts and live with a slight decrease in the units peak output wattage when running external speakers.

That's the simplest off the top of my head solutions I can come up with. Everything else just gets more complicated from there.