Diy digital fpv transmitter under 10grams project

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Hey I need a bit of help in my digital fpv project!

My goal is to make a video link with more range and encryption. Channel jumping for avoiding
interference would also be nice feature. I just don't know which parts I need and how to use
video encoders..

M-JPEG might be good for a fail proof system, but it needs more bandwidth. Maybe multichannel
parallel transmitter would be good?
H264 needs a better connection to work. A 2-way link might be needed to tell the transmitter to lower
quality when going out of range.

Hardware should be less than 10grams and parts under 30$ for the transmitter. Light and cheap
arm SBC with h264 encoding is necessary. If I have understood right, some of them don't have enough
documentation on how to use the encoder engine so I need help to find a chip and documentation for it.

Low part count is ideal for light weight solution. No money for 8 layer pcb and micro quadcopter
should be able to carry it. So integrated ram would be nice.

Potential chips I have found are V3s and AK3918. V3s is used in blueperry pi and lichee pi. Ak3918 in
banana pi d1. Both have features I don't need and are harder to get. I need to design a bit smaller
pcb and add few injection cabable wlan chips. Also code?

Any resources and help are appreciated.