dimming 12v leds


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Yeah pretty much yes. I'm running some LED strip lights now. They take 12V on one line. I can turn on any color by grounding the R G or B (even the extra White line these have) by grounding that color pin.

I have a micro controller putting out a PWM signal driving the gate of a logic level MOSFET, drain to the LEDs, source to ground. I have them running at a pretty high frequency (5K I believe) as I can see most flashy things but anything above 100Hz should work for most people.


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What is "a 12 volt LED Light" ?
You need a schematic drawing and Voltage and Current Specifications.
I have a similar 12 volt LED light strip. It has different colors of LEDs, red, blue, and green and each positive has a current limiting resistor while the negative from each color is a separate trace. Three diodes in each little set, and tghe whole thing is about 2 feet long. So much for the circuit diagram. None available but now you have a description.