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I've just purchased aSDS1204X-E (and it's a fine piece of kit) and I have a question.

On my older analog scopes I could smoothly expand/contract the timebase to "spread out" a trace, this was a smooth analog control.

I don't see this on the digital scope and so I assume the "window" ability (or "zoom") serves the same purpose?



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The Zoom feature (press of the timebase knob) allows vision of a portion of the slower timebase setting and while in Zoom mode this portion can be examined in lesser or greater detail. To get the best from Zoom you want the timebase setting slow before zooming and a small vertical bar becomes visible in the unzoomed part of the display.
We can still 'walk' around the display with the H-Position in Zoom mode and when we reach the limits of the display the blue vertical trigger position indicator tips on its side to indicate the trigger position is off the zoomed display.
In the unzoomed portion displayed the blue indicator is also present but as the timebase is set to a slower setting the blue pointer has moved a correspondly smaller amount.
The general behaviour is much like a CRO dual timebase 'A intensified by B' and toggling in and out of Zoom allows for settings to be optimized for best results.

Pop some screenshots up if you like and we can offer pointers.
(Blue Print button saves screenshots directly to USB sticks.)