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Can some one help me with this project

build a circuit switching system that works on a single timer that runs constantly and switches between batteries every eight (8) hours to ensure that there is full power supply to last an entire day (24 hours). This timer should also have the capability of displaying the time either in 24-hour or 12-hour format giving the hours and minutes so a customer can know which battery is currently being used. Below are the specified running times for each of the four batteries:  Battery 1 – 8am – 4pm  Battery 2 – 4pm – 12am  Battery 3 – 12am – 8am Ronald has recruited your group as interns with the responsibility of designing the system over a 5- weeks period. You are required to design and simulate a circuit that will execute the above functions of using a single timer that switches between batteries every eight hours. You won’t be required to design an actual battery, simply use an indicator to show that a particular battery is being used based on the timing specifications. You will however need to show the current time of your timer using the Hex displays provided in your simulation tool. In designing the system, the group should ensure that batteries are not allowed to run simultaneously, as this will result in serious damages to the customer’s electrical devices. In addition, there should be a disable switch that can be manually activated which disables the power coming from the three batteries (similar to how a breaker works) in case there are any electrical faults. When this switch is activated, no power should be coming from the batteries, although the timer is still running.


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