Differential op amp and comparator not working on all the scale

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Hey guys,
I'm doing a differantial op amp circuit followed by a comparator. It will eventually serve me in a DCDC converter.
The idea is to fake the output of the convert ( from 0V to 12V) and generate a PWM from that comparing the error with a saw tooth signal.

My problem is the following : the circuit only seems to work within some boundaries.
When my error is at 12V, I have no PWM generated. The PWM only starts close to 9V. When the error keeps getting smaller the PWM eventually stop being generated too ( around 2-3 V ) .
Does anyone happen to know why I am seeing this behavior ? I would obviously expect the PWM to work through all the voltages.

Thanks a lot guys.



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I suspect the allowed input common-mode voltage range was exceeded. Especially since LT1028 is not a comparator but an opamp. You need to use an input rail-to-rail comparator.

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The datasheet for the LT1028 opamps you are using say that their inputs do not work if they are within 2v from a supply voltage. Your circuit has pulse inputs idling at the 0V negative supply.
Fix the circuit by adding a negative supply of a few volts for those opamps.

EDIT: Also your inputs go as high as the +12V supply so increase your positive supply 3V or attenuate the input signals to 9V.
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Audioguru again has what is probably the best solution. If you are stuck and can't change the power supply or op amp, you can try this:

In your case you can probably make all the resistors the same value, say 10k and everything should work fine except the output will be half the voltage it was.


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Every PWM circuit has a defined control voltage input range, and outside that range no satisfactory function is claimed. Not all PWM circuits will allow zero to 100% control, nor is it always required. That may also be part of the problem.