Difference between current and voltage- little bit deep

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If i am connecting an LED strip to a power source of certain amount of current and voltage rating. Which factor is the reason to increase the temperature of that LED strip? current or voltage. Is it only draw its necessary current from the source OR the current rated on the source.


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The important property is the voltage. Use a 12V supply for a 12V strip. The strip will only draw the required current. As long as the power supply is rated for at least the required current that is ok.
Say, for example, the 12V LED strip is rated to draw 1Amp.
On a 12V 1A power supply, that is all it will draw. And the power supply cannot drive anything else as it is "full".
But if you put the same 12V 1A strip on a 12V 20A power supply, it will still draw just 1Amp. And you could run another 19 strips too.
The power supply does not control the current. The load does. As long as the supply volts is the same, it does not matter how many amps the supply is rated at, (as long as it is can supply the load current).
You cannot run a 12V 1A load on a 12V 0.5A supply. It will overload and possibly smoke.

The heating of the LEDs is due to the current flowing through the total resistance of the circuit. LEDs, resistors and wires. More current, more heat.