Determine Voltage and Current Requirements of Peltier Module based on Geometrical Characteristics

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Leo Silver

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Hi everyone,

I have a Peltier module that I wish to use for cooling. However, it was passed to me without any specifications and I need to know how much is its voltage and current requirements. I read a few posts here but they don't really answer my question. I saw this post:
A person there who seemed to have used these elements well said:

'Yes, you really need the specs.If nothing else, then count the number of elements. A nominal 12 volt Peltier will have 16 elements on a side and be square. A 16 x 16 array is 256 less two in the corners for electrical connections leaves 254 total or 127 pairs (N & P). The element height determines the current rating.'

However, he doesn't say how the number of np junction can be an indicator of the voltage and how the element height determines the current requirements of the module in the general case.

Does anyone know how to determine these by just the shape of a peltier module?

I could make an assumption from his comment: 'A nominal 12 volt Peltier will have 16 elements on a side and be square.' about the voltage that for the forward bias of the np junction we need a 0.7V approximately so the number of voltage could be 12V/16=0.75 so this could answer my voltage requirement but what about the current?